Sunday, November 3, 2013

TJ'S Love

So here's the thing. I love grocery shopping. It's a hobby of mine and I probably do it a little too much. Target addiction, anyone? When I found out that there is a Trader Joe's 30 minutes away from Lawrence, I decided I had to go asap. I first went to Trader Joe's in California and I fell in love. They sell a lot of healthy, organic, delicious food! They also sell yummy sweets, like chocolate covered potato chips!! 


Me and my friend Maddie took a short road trip there, and the whole drive was filled with the most perfect scenery.  The pretties red and orange trees lined the highway. The weather was perfect, we snagged some yummy treats, and did some more shopping around town. I had so much fun :)

On the way home, we drove through a neighborhood near campus and took in the gorgeousness of the day. Isn't she soo cute?! Reflecting on this week/weekend, I couldn't feel more blessed.

Aleah Eileen 

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