Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hi friends! I'm writing this post from the comfiness of my couch at home. This is a big deal, trust me. It's SO comfy and I love it. I am home all this week for Thanksgiving and it couldn't be better. I'm trying to slow down, make less plans, and just enjoy each moment for what it is. And to be thankful. That's what this holiday is about, right? I am realizing that I really do like staying off my phone, staying off the internet, going outside, exploring, etc. Also, I've thought a lot about relationships and friendships lately, and I want to fully appreciate everyone in my life. So I'm very excited about this time that I have here at home this week. This is probably a lot of rambling, but I guess I'm learning what is really important in life and it's really cool. Oh and hey, check out my skirt. I'm kinda in love. It was on sale at Free People so hey...

Aleah Eileen 

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