Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday / Lately

Hey there! Basically, life is such an adventure. Also, I have a slight problem. It's like, sometimes I get an idea or I am inspired by something, and then I get another idea, and another one. And then my brain kinda goes crazy and I start making all these plans and writing down all of my ideas and ahhh! I just get really excited a lot. So, hopefully I will fulfill all my plans and share them all here in these next few months! Especially through pictures. I am soo thankful/ excited that my major is Photomedia and that I get to learn photography. Also, I wanted to share this picture because I just got overalls from Urban and I'm in love. They are SO comfy and cute and I don't ever want to take them off. Ever. OVERALL, this week has been really great. Here are a few photos from the week! 

Hanging out on campus after class // quote drawing for my design class // The neighborhoods in Lawrence are soo pretty and perfect for riding bikes // My parents came to visit! // Coffee with Hannah (my awesome roomie!)

Love from Lawrence! 
-Aleah Eileen 

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