Saturday, September 7, 2013

Life in Pictures

The couch me and my roomies have in our dorm is the cutest and the comfiest. Also, the lighting in our living room is wonderful. Basically, I really like our space // I've been making the best avacado + banana smoothie for a while now. It's sooo yummy. Find the recipe here // I found the cutest postcards of Kansas! I've already sent one to a friend and I can't wait to send more //

Those are just a few pictures that I have taken this week. I've done a whole lot... including a really great coffee date with a new friend, who is so encouraging and who loves Jesus a lot. I have also been very busy with homework, a trend that is definitely going to continue. Sadly... However, I am still having a lot of fun here in Lawrence and I can't wait for the week ahead. Oh, and also... I really happy about the fact that I live 45 minutes away from Kansas City. It's like my fave city. I took a little roadtrip up there Friday afternoon to meet up with my good friend Heather. She is beautiful, guys, and such a lovely friend. She has a big heart for the Lord and one day she will be a worship leader. And she's gonna rock. It was fun seeing her... and going to Quay cause I'm obsessed with that little joint. 


 I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a great week. I'm deteremined to work super hard on all my homework this week and leave none for the weekend. I'll be in Wichita on Friday and I can't wait. 

Aleah Eileen 

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