Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello, Beautiful!

Hi friends! I would like to introduce you to my new friend. Yes, that's right! I got a new bike. A legit, bought-from-a-real-bicycle-store bike. I'm naming her Stella! I bought it from the Bicycle X-Change here in Wichita. The bike is an Electra Townie Cruiser, which is the same kind of bike I rode earlier this year on the beach of Santa Monica. And now I have one to call my own.


I so can't wait to ride all around Lawrence! I'll be moving there in two weeks to start college and Stella will be the perfect way to get around campus. I have so many goals for this new semester, including riding my bike as often as possible. And since fall is the BEST SEASON EVER, bike rides will be even more magical. So, sorry if I talk about them all the time. Hah. 

Aleah Eileen 

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