Monday, August 26, 2013

First Days of College!

Hi there! So, like I said in my last post, I moved to Lawrence on Friday. I am now officially in college at KU. This has been a really great experience so far. It's crazy, busy, fun, and just a little scary. Some things make me nervous, like the thought of not making friends ... and my math class. Other things have been really great, like hanging out with my roomies and attending Traditions night on campus. Traditions night was held on the football field and we learned all about the cool traditions we have at KU like the Rock Chalk chant. Anyways, I arrived in Lawrence on Friday and moved into my new dorm ( I live on the 10th floor, Aka the Penthouse). Here is a look at my room: 

 I wanted to keep my decorations simple and pretty and I didn't want my space to look too much like a typical dorm. Just simple decor. I brought my globe to keep my travel dreams alive.  I decided randomly to use and old Tazo tea can for pencil storage. The lovely star that is covered in fabric hangs above my bed. My favorite part, though, is my food basket! I love the look of wire baskets for kitchen storage. I bought one to hold my food, including San Pellegrino Lemonade which I'm sooo addicted to.   Oh and also how cute is my kitchen soap + dish scrubber? That's is something I do like about being on my own... kitchen cuteness that is all my mine. Haha


Here is a quick look at my closet... not much to it but my trunk fits perfectly and is such a great way to store my shoes.  And the flowers are from my parents.. they picked them up at the Farmer's Market here in town and I LOVE them.

Saturday morning I ate a yummy breakfast with my parents and little sister at Milton's Cafe.  This place is so cute and you should definitely visit (if you are ever in Lawrence!). And here is one more picture of my flowers! 

Sunday was super fun! I went to church at Morningstar with my roommate Maddie. The drive out to the church was really pretty and the service was great. I met some really nice people. We are trying out a few churches before deciding where to go, but I am really glad I know about Morningstar. I also went on a bike ride with my roommate Hannah on Sunday. We rode down to Mass St. and visited the Sunflower Bike Shop (soo cute!). On the ride home, we stopped by a little festival that was happening in town and drank the yummiest lemonade. It was so refreshing... bike riding in Lawrence, with it's many hills, is not an easy feat. On Sunday night all three of us went to dinner and then attended the convocation... a ceremony to kick off the beginning of school. Today classes started! School is not my favorite part of... being here at school. Haha. The classes I took certainly weren't that bad however.

I love college for the freedom it gives me! Little things like such as grocery shopping. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. And of course I love living in Lawrence. It's small town, but at the same time has so much to offer/ explore. In fact, I just want to go out and do everything all at once! And yet.... I already have homework on the first day. So this super long blog post must come to an end. 
I have a lot going on this week (yay!) but I will sure post an update soon :)

Aleah Eileen 

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