Monday, July 15, 2013

One Love Jamaica

Hi there :) Yesterday I returned home from my missions trip to Jamaica! I had the best week meeting some amazing people, learning more about God, service, and selflessness, playing with little kids, and even hanging at the ocean. Our team led crafts/game time for the VBS program at Penwood Church of Christ. The children at this church are so beautiful and full of joy. I loved getting to know them, and leaving on the last day was not easy. 

The girls LOVED playing with everyone's hair. They were fascinated by it. 

Ackee, a fruit grown in Jamaica. I didn't try it.... oops. And a land rover outside of our apartment that just looked cool. 

Coleen Natalia. She is beautiful and I love her a lot. 

The kids had the biggest smiles on their faces while playing with the parachute and bubbles! 

This is my favorite picture from the trip. This little boy, Malik, has the most precious smile. I got to hang out with him a lot during VBS and he sat on my lap during biblestudy. I took this picture on Thursday, after a lot of rain had been falling and he was splashing in puddles with me!

My new friends!

Along with VBS, we attended church Sunday morning, biblestudy wednesday, painted chairs and walls for them, and packaged food. We spent Saturday at Ocho Rios, climbing a waterfall and hanging in the prettiest, bluest water I've ever seen. I even checked skied in the ocean, which I have always wanted to do!! I'm thanking God for this amazing, life-changing trip. I spent the week in an entirely different country. I was outside of my comfort zone, far away from home. But, I trusted in the Lord and he provided for me. I will continue to pray for the people I met in Jamaica, that God blesses them and all of the work their doing in their community. 
Aleah Eileen 

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