Monday, July 29, 2013

Goals & Getting Refreshed.

Hey there! So today I'm writing this post for Monday on Sunday. That's because I am taking a mini blogging break for three days. Monday through Wednesday... no blogs, no Tumblr! I do have a post scheduled for Tuesday, so stay tuned for that :) Anyways,  I have realized recently how much I am on or around technology, especially with my iPhone. I really think a blogging break, even if it is short, will be a great thing. I made a list of goals for this week that I can focus on instead of being plugged in to technology all the time. Here they are! 


Eat healthy, make three smoothies / Go on (a few!) bike rides / Visit the library, read and finish a book /  organize closet / Swim! / Coffee date / Drink lots of water (cause ya know, thats important!) / 

I probably will keep posting on instagram though.. not sorry about it! Have a great week. 

Aleah Eileen 

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