Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Best Of May

May! It's over. By three days. May was a really good month. And wow, is it already over? Who cares, June may be the greatest month alive. And July, and August! There are many things I am looking forward to this month, but first, a look back!

I explored nature and pretty parks a whole lot! I said goodbye to a really good friend. Selma went back to Norway last week :( I graduated high school and had a party to celebrate! 

The sky was really pretty the other day. I visited Lawrence (I'll be living there in three months!) and hungout with my friend, Allie. We drank coffee at a cute place called Henry's! And of course, I ate ice cream.

May has been wonderful, and June should be equally as awesome. Technically, I visited Lawrence in June (the 2nd), therefore I can already say this month included a road trip! My first ever by myself. I'll be going to a concert, college orientation, working a lot, and hopefully spending lots of quality time with friends :) Yay for a new month!

Aleah Eileen 

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