Wednesday, May 29, 2013

College Hill is Pretty

There is an area of town here in Wichita called College Hill. It's a neighborhood/business area, and it's really lovely. I'm talking big, old-fashioned houses on the prettiest streets. Everytime I drive by I dream of owning one of them. I love it! Today I went there just to explore. I found a place called Watermark Books and Cafe. Guys, it is SO cute! The coffee in the cafe is delicious, filled with tables with flowers. There are a lot of cute chairs to sit and read, windows, and lots of books. I had a lot of fun checking it out.

The store sells new books, journals, notepads, tshirts, you name it! Here I am reading "To Kill A Mockingbird", my all time favorite, in one of their many wooden chairs in the store. 

I enjoyed a delicious vanilla latte and an article on She and Him! Next? I spotted a pretty field and just had to take photos, as I was wearing a brand new outfit. 

Dress: Target
Jacket: Forever 21 (don't you just love the studs on the pockets?!)
Shoes: Pacific Sunwear

My sister was kind enough to take all the photos of me, so I let her ride my longboard. And... my car. I now declare it the "car of adventure". I think all the dirt on it is appropriate with a name like that, so maybe I won't even wash it? Haha.

Today is Wednesday, my day off of work. So that was definitley a fun way to spend the morning! Now I will proceed in being lazy the rest of the day. Not my fault really, it's kinda grey and gloomy outside. But I shall enjoy it :)
Aleah Eileen 

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