Friday, May 24, 2013

Being Fearless

So, I am officially a high school graduate! Our ceremony was Wednesday (after being cancelled due to bad weather). I was never a huge fan of high school so it wasn't too big of a deal for me. I think emotions will hit me more when it is time to leave for college. However, I am happy to have walked across the stage and graduated! There are so many things I am looking forward to for this summer. To name a few: my first missions trip to Jamaica! I cannot wait to see God's plan unfold within that trip. Also, a few road trips to Lawrence and Kansas City. A Relient K concert in July, hopefully a trip to Alabama, and my a trip to my favorite place... Nashville, TN. Whew! That's a lot :) I am so very excited. One thing I learned from my recent trip to California is that what is most important is experience. Not buying things. I went a little too crazy on my spending, mostly on clothes and stuff. So this summer I plan to enjoy life and experience and moments. And nature. Between all those trips, I will be working a lot. Gotta have gas money :)

Here is an article I wrote for the senior issue of my school's newsmagazine:

I promise the title of this article has nothing to do with Taylor Swift’s second album. I mean, not really. Being fearless means a lot to me personally. I think it is a beautiful word; even more, I believe someone who is fearless is beautiful. To me, being fearless means not letting scary things hold you back. Simple as that.
Of course it’s not always easy. Like, I’m not so sure I could be fearless if I were about to go skydiving and was told to jump out of an airplane. 20,000 feet up in the sky, surrounded only by clouds. Mayyybbee not. Fearlessness, though, is not the absence of fear. I would totally be afraid in that situation. Jumping anyway, in the midst of the crazy, nervousness. That is what being fearless is all about. 
A few weeks ago, I chopped off all of my hair. Almost ten inches of hair was gone in a matter of seconds. I have always loved short hair but thought that I could never pull it off. In that moment, however, I decided why not? I decided to be fearless and just go for it. Pulling all my long hair into a ponytail, then having it cut off the next moment. That’s scary. Walking to the bathroom, slowly opening your eyes, taking a peek in the mirror at what just happened. Even scarier. And, 10 inches is a huge change, if you weren’t sure.
         Now, I have a short, spunky haircut that I absolutely love. All because I choose to not be afraid, to go for what I wanted.  Fearlessly I chopped all my hair off.         
         Soon, I will be called to be fearless again. Senior year is over and graduation is days away. After spending this summer with everyone I love, I will head to Lawrence. In the fall, life will change dramatically. A new town, with all of its charm, to call home.
         The reality of leaving home is setting in, and sometimes I get a little sad. Not just sad because I will be apart from everyone I love, but I also get a feeling of nervousness. Because, I can plan as much as I would like for college, but I don’t know exactly what it will feel like to move away, what I will be like to be on my own. The unknown makes me just a little nervous.
         Despite not knowing the exact details of what the future will hold, despite being, basically, all on my own, I am going to face this new adventure confidently. And if, when I get there and all the newness and independence sets in, and I’m scared of it all, I know that I will be ok.
         I will fearlessly move to a new city and embark on a new adventure. What could be more beautiful than that? I’m scared but I am jumping anyway. I’ll see you soon Lawrence. 

Anddd.... How about a few pics from this week?!

Squeezers is the cutest little ice/cream smoothie joint down in Riverside. You walk up to the window to order and sit outside around the shop to enjoy your sweet treats. I went there on Wednesday. That day I also climbed trees, long boarded, and listened in on recording session for Falecia's (pictured above) album! I even sang on one of the songs! Cool. Have a lovely weekend.. I'm off to Dallas for a concert roadtrip! 

Aleah Eileen 

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