Friday, May 31, 2013

Aleah's Closet!

Hi there :) Today I am introducing my first ever series on this blog. That means I will be doing a similar post once a week. I am calling Aleah's Closet. Plain and simple. I think I will just show off a few pieces in my closet that I am loving lately. I got the idea because I was supposed to be putting my laundry away. I ended up with a bigger mess in my room. Anyways! Here are the first pieces, all the way from California y'all!


Since summer is just beginning, I want to share my favorite tanks today! On the left is a tourist tank from Huntington Beach, California. I cannot remember exactly where I bought it, maybe Billabong? Idk, but it was on a shopping strip across the street from the prettiest beach I have ever been to. I just love wearing this tank- not only is it cute, but it reminds me of the beach. I bought the grey "Surf California" tank at a little tshirt stand on the Santa Monica Pier. These are the perfect tanks for a simple summer outfit. I'm dreaming of California again! And again, and again.

Have a lovely day!
-Aleah Eileen 

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