Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Hi there :) Wow, I had so much fun this weekend! I went into the weekend with plans for both Friday and Saturday night, which is exciting. Friday started off rainy and calm. I went to work from 11 to 6. By the end of the day, I was ready to go. My friends Kayla and Selma (she's from Norway, guys!) came over to  hangout. And of course, we hit up downtown Wichita.

Cafe Modern is a cute little restaurant located in Oldtown. We stopped there for some super delicious gelato. They have a cool gelato wheel that spins around and so many flavors to choose from! Hard decisions... I went with Tiramisu! 

I love those girls! Saturday was productive, I must say. I went shopping for my graduation party dress! Exciting. I finished some homework and even got in a nap. Oh yeahhh. Anissa came over later in the evening and we, too, went downtown for a lot of fun. 

Our first stop was The Anchor. Neither of us had been to this restaurant before. It was so yummy and really cool inside. The Anchor is just the perfect size, not too small or too big. Also I have to mention, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

After dinner, we hit up a few other places to shop and walk around. We found a cute little coffee shop to try. At only 9:00, though we found ourselves with nothing to do. Heading home seemed like the only option. Until... we drove by the skate center. This was the coolest place ever, like ten years ago. Our elementary schools always had parties here. I don't think I have been inside in years! So on a Saturday night, at 18 years old, we hit up Carousel and had the time of our lives skating around the rink. We got free candy and played games.. and killed our feet. So fun!

I have lots of plans for this week and I hope it is a great one. I am for sure going to bike ride. Weather please cooperate! Hope you are all doing well and that your weekends rocked.

Aleah Eileen 

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