Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Update!

Hi there :) Just wanted to post an update.. cause it's been so long! Haha. So can I just say, Wednesdays are my second favorite day of the week (besides Sunday). Today I woke up late, drank coffee, ate cereal. I squeezed in a little treadmill workout at the Y, visited my bff, then went home to shower and get ready for school. Well, my one class. It's across town at a community college. I'm just getting an english credit out of the way. Class went by fast, thank goodness! Then, I met up with a few awesome people for Starbucks. I love coffee dates! And now.. I'm ending the night with a new issue of Alt Press featuring Paramore. Their new album comes out in six days!!

Currently I am: 

Listening To: "Stand By Me." (so darlin, darlin stand by me...) It's playing on pandora. Absolutely lovely. 

Drinking: Passion tea. It's pink and pretty and oh so delicious. 

Reading: CS Lewis's Mere Christianity. I am reading it as a part of a biblestudy I co-lead. We aren't too far into it yet, however I can tell I will learn a lot. This guy is a genius! 

Enjoying: Well, today was rainy and what could be better than that? 

Dreaming of: Warm weather and a chance to ride my bike. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to tomorrow morning. Friday is supposed to be 70 degrees- a dream come true!!

     -Love, Aleah Eileen

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