Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Today and a Little Thankfulness.

Today is a Wednesday. My favorite day of the week besides Sunday (doesn't everyone love sundays?!). This particular day was very rainy and cold. After all these bright and sunny days we have been having lately, I was just a little bummed. I was really enjoying the spring weather. But, I decided to embrace it. After stopping by my high school for a little while to visit friends, I headed off to my college english class. As soon as that was over, I changed into sweats and put on a hat (aka lazy outfit).

Today has been pretty lovely, I must say. I received a card from a blogger friend in the mail. It contained a new coffee sleeve! I was really excited to add it to my growing collection. And I think, on the list of life's best moments, receiving mail is definitely top ten.

I also baked today. These amazing amazing brownie cookies with salted caramel frosting. I might have ate three. Here is the recipe if you would like to bake them as well (and I highly recommend you to!).

In all, it has been a great day. I am SO excited about my new camera. Photography has always been a dream of mine. In the midst of all this excitement, I want to stay thankful. There is so much good around me and I thank God for all of it. These simple moments in life are so beautiful.

I hope everyone had just as lovely days! Please feel free to leave comments below. Thanks :)
                                                            Love, Aleah Eileen

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