Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life This Week

This week has been so great for so many reasons. Here are ten of them :)

Monday Night- Anissa and I went to the Donut Whole (local donut place dowtown/ to study, eat donuts, and drink coffee. We didn't actually study but we had tons of fun. 

I baked these delicious sugar cookies and they were.. delicious! And the pastel colored frosting is just perfect for spring.

I went with my best friend to take her senior pictures. They shot at her grandma's farm out in the country part of Kansas. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Her grandpa found this vintage red Schwinn bike at some kind of sale.. I am pretty jealous because that is basically a dream of mine to own that exact kind of bike. I got to ride it at least!

One morning this week, when the weather was perfect again, I sat outside on a quilt to read and relax :)

Saturday night I had all the lovely ladies in the biblestudy I co-lead over for a sleepover! We made a late night run to Starbucks, watched movies, and bought fish! In the morning, we ate these wonderful blueberry pancakes and attended church together. I love those girls a lot. Also, my fishies name is Harleigh. It's a he- a purple and pink boy fish. Coolio.

I liked wearing this outfit... two days in a row. Yellow shoes were just really appropriate for 70 degree weather. 

Oh hey it's me. 

Anissa and I's feet. Chillin on the dock in the sunlight at the farm we went to, talking about life. Couldn't have been a more perfect moment.

After almost a year, I finally got new glasses. Do I look "so college" ?!

 Best of all: April Showers. The weather app predicts rain all week. It's even raining right now. How perfect!  Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week : )

                                                             Love, Aleah Eileen

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