Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello April!

Happy first day of April! I am so excited for another new month. I always love a fresh start, whether it is a new year, a new month, or even just a new day. Today is April first, and I would just like to say that three years ago today I went to my first Taylor Swift concert. Ever since then, I have been in love. Major girl crush! 

And now that that is over... I have something serious to say. Like I just said, I love a fresh start. This month of April, I would really like to focus on something important: living in the moment. I have been thinking about this lately because of how excited I am for upcoming things. Prom, California vacay, graduation, summer, college, etc. I have been making plans and go over them in my head so much lately, dreaming, talking with my friends about all of this fun stuff. And while all of it is so exciting, I just don't want to forget about everything that is lovely and good around me right here and now. So that is my goal for this month- focus less on planning and what the future is going to hold. I want to focus on each moment I am in and how well I am living it. I want to focus on the people around me and how I can love them, and also how I can bless other people! 

And now, here are a few DIY inspirations for ya: 

I bought daisies last week and stored them all in a mason jar. After drinking this Jones root beer, I saved the bottle and took one flower from the other jar to add to this one. Pretty, huh? 

I spotted this tank top on sale for 3 dollars at Target the other day. I bought it and sharpied it up! I wrote the places I have visited/ want to visit the most. I crossed out the ones I have already been to, and will someday cross out the others! Perfect for summer. If you would like to try this idea, I suggest this idea of the places you want to visit, or writing song lyrics on the shirt. 

And finally, I love this collection of coffee sleeves I have going on. The idea started last summer. Basically, I love coffee shops. To me they are magical, a place where people come together over good coffee and share life. So, whenever I travel I like to go to coffee shops. The idea is to collect a sleeve from each place I visit. I have also had a few people save one and give it me which is very thoughtful! Someday, I want to line them all up sort of like in the picture above, frame them, and hang them in my kitchen. I think it is a unique way to tell a story of the places I have visited. 

Leave a comment if you give any of these ideas a try! Thanks for reading :)                        
                                   Aleah Eileen 

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