Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Y'all!!!

 I am sititng here this monrning with a warm cup of coffee in a quiet kitchen. Rain is falling outside the window and I got extra sleep this morning. Wow, perfect. Also, It's Friday! How sweet that sounds. I have a super busy weekend ahead of (plans Friday and Saturday night, score!). And a whole lot of homework, So this morning, I thought I would make a "lately" post. Seemed appropriate because I have been gone for a week! Here goes.

Rainy day in the neighborhood. 

Lately I have been:

listening to: The new Paramore album!!! Seriously, it is the best thing that has happened to me.

drinking: Coffee coffee coffee. The black kind. No more iced coffee for me ever (major overdose in Cali.)

feeling: Happy. There is so much to be thankful for!! Also, motivated/determined. I am determined to start getting organized, start working out and eating healthy again, and just be more productive!

wearing: Totally forgot what I wore yesterday. Hmmm, California tshirts?

doing: Last night I got a start on my decorations for my graduation party! I have a big poster board covered in fabric, with my name on it. I put a whole lot of pictures on it last night and it is lookin great! I will share it soon.

wishing: I could go back to bed while it's raining and sleep all day. zzzzzzzz.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! This morning I am off to go apply for a passport (ahhh!). Wish me luck. Last week I posted a wrong link to my instagram account, but here is the correct one. Check it out! I am hoping to use my cannon a lot this weekend. I'll be back to post the pics!
Aleah Eileen :)

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