Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daydreaming All The Time

That is me lately- daydreaming ALL THE TIME. That is also the lyrics to one of the new Paramore songs that I love. Seriously though, I have been daydreaming a lot. Mostly about my future. I have it all planned out. I dream about the future a lot, and about all the things that I want to do. Even for the next few weeks, months, and the rest of this year. Mostly, taking a lot of pictures and going on a lot of adventures! Wow, it's all really exciting. Tonight I got to take my friend Regan's senior pictures. I just bought a new camera, and like I said, I have always wanted to be a photographer. I really felt like one tonight, and let me tell you- best feeling ever!! It's funny cause I totally stink at a lot of things... especially school and having the motivation to do my homework. Yeah, really slackin in that area. BUT, picture taking, blogging, and creative things like this come so easy to me. And heck, they're way more fun. Ok, here are the pics!

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