Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Style

I'm baaaccckkk!!!! My trip to California was so great. The best part was the weather, which was in the high 70s and 80s all week! I came back to a rainy and cold Wichita, so I am already missing LA! Traveling home took a little longer than expected but I'm finally home! First, here are some pictures of the outfits I wore in LA. Of course, I had them planned out for a while!

I wore this pretty, orange dress for the first time in California! These pictures are from my new favorite coffee shop, Intelligenstia. Although I was only able to go one time, I absolutely loved it! The coffee was delicious and the area was really cute. They kept their doors open and had all of their chairs and tables outside of it. I guess you can do that when you have beautiful weather everyday.

You can find this dress here

These photos are from the first night! I wore my Back to the Future tank with shorts.

Tank top from Forever 21. Shorts + hat from target. 

 I wore this lovely floral dress on the day we explored Hollywood.

 I paired it with black combat boots to add a little grunge look to the outfit, which was appropriate for Hwood. 

I love the look of white converse. They were a staple of my wardrobe this week! 

And one last outfit.. from Huntington Beach. The beach was absolutely perfect! It was quiet, beautiful, and so fun to splash around in the water for a little bit.

*Stay tuned-- More photos from California coming soon!! 

Love, Aleah Eileen 

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