Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekendy Post

It's 12:00 in the morning. I was going to wait to make a blog post until tomorrow, maybe Tuesday.However, when you have insomnia and just cannot sleep despite trying really hard to for about three hours, there's nothing else you can really do. I just want to share a few pics from this weekend! 

It was such a rainy weekend. The weather made the world feel so cozy and I loved the darker tone to the sky! Also, I love a reason to wear my rain jacket. 

I'm working on surrendering everything to God. Especially my daily life, my time, my thoughts, my words. Everything. 

This is the result of two hours at Starbucks and great conversations with new friends! It seems kind of random, but I went out to coffee with a girl from school that I have known forever but never really hung out with. She has a foreign exchange student from Norway living with her and she is so cool! We talked about all our interests which are pretty much the same! She told me all about Norway and the beauty of Europe- by the end I was dreaming of getting out of America to go to Europe. Wouldn't that be amazing? We already have plans to hangout again. So fun. 

And finally, warmer weather is just around the corner (Friday is supposed to 70 degrees!). I can't wait to wear this pretty floral dress again when its warmer! 

Have a great week :)

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