Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekends are Better

Can I get an amen? Okay I have to admit, Friday night was NOT cool. As in, it was kinda a really bad night. (After a really good day, though, so that's good.) However, I am not going to write about what happened because I won't dwell on it. Instead, I would like to talk about after Friday. Saturday was a really great day! I'm really glad, too, cause I think I needed it.

After Friday night, I needed to get happy. So I made happy face blueberry pancakes! Yes, they are way cute. However, the taste a million times better. Like, heaven in every bite. They were perfectly blueberrylicious. Lol. And everyone knows coffee makes everything better. 

Best friend, ice coffee, reading magazines, and talking about life. Nothin better! 

Sometimes it's good to not take life too seriously. I doodled on my arm around my tattoo. Idk, I thought it was hilarious. And now, I'm ending the night with the best guilty pleasure there is: The Hills. 

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