Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday: Flea Market Finds

Sunday Morning began with delicious blueberry muffins. I have posted about them before because they are just SO yummy. And super cute!

Sunday afternoon, my friends and I headed to the flea market happening down the next town over. It was really big and filled with all kinds of vintage treasures. 

This bike was about 150 dollars. Of course, I really really wanted to buy it. A RED vintage bike is kinda my dream. I didn't buy it cause it was a little pricy, but I had to at least take a picture! 

A vintage map of California. I might be going there in exactly a month and this just might come in handy :) This super adorable red bag is my friend Anissa's. She bought it for like, ten dollars, and it is the cutest bag ever. 

Flea Market Style! Oxfords and colored pants..wasn't planned or anything. Best friends just think alike. Have a lovely day :)

-Aleah Eileen

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