Friday, March 22, 2013

Room Love

Hi there! Today I wanted to share pictures of my room. Ok so I find myself dreaming about the future all the time. Like getting married, having kids, and especially owning/ decorating a house. I want a quaint, older home. Simple and unique. And I want to decorate it with all kinds of vintageness! For now, I only have a room. But thats ok, I have had so much fun turning it into a lovely place.

The walls are painted a pretty light blue, kinda like a blue-green maybe? The color is probably the biggest reason I love my room. I always keep the shades open cause the sunlight combined with the color make my room so fresh and inviting! The furniture is completely mix matched. Like, nothing is the same color. I like it like that.

In the basket: a few journals, my favorite book (To Kill a Mockingbird), and my new vintage map of California. On the old, grey suitcase: three coffee cups, two super cute ones from Target (Paris and NYC), and another one from Norfolk, Virginia which holds all my coffee sleeves I have collected so far!

In the middle of my dresser sits a few mason jars of various sizes, one which holds measuring spoons, one holds some change, and one holds chalk for the chalkboard wall right above! Also, two delightful candles- I wrapped the taller one in a page from an old book. 

  I just added the mirror to the corner of my room a few days ago. I stole it from the living room, but it was necessary! A "Wizard of Oz" movie poster sits on top of it- I just picked that up from the flea market the other day. Hanging on the wall next to it is my baking apron. I found this table at a craft market a few years ago. My best friend bought me the bike for my birthday and I absolutely love it! She also made the "we are infinite" canvas. The bike stationary is adorable and I still haven't used any because I want to save its cuteness forever. On top is a little thing I made out of Scrabble pieces. It is supposed to say "letters", except I don't have an "s" for it. You can definitely tell upon one peek inside my room that I love bikes!

My sister made me this corkboard a few years ago- fabric and fabric flowers are decorating it! It displays three college letters (NYU my dream school that I would just absolutely love it if I got the chance to go to, the University of Alabama where my sister goes to and I really considered for a while, and KU where I will be going in just a few months!). I love posting fashion inspiration from magazines, and the latest is that cute outfit I ripped out of InStyle. The clipboard is another craft project I made a few weeks ago. It holds a bike postcard and a letter from my friend Lili. I plan to put more notes/letters in the pocket. 

I love the decor above my bed! On the shelf: A few of my favorite reads, a couple of my gnomes, my vintage film (a photographers dream!). The blue rectangle is a piece of wood I picked up from the floor of a park- I painted it navy blue with the quote "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" and decorated it with stars! Because I love the night sky. Another cool idea, I displayed pictures on a canvas and wrapped colorful string in the spaces in between. Under the shelf is a canvas I made- it's super simple: glue down chipboard letters and then paint the whole canvas. I thought "Dream" was appropriate for above my bed! 

Opposities sides of the window: On the left, three canvases: The top left displays pictures of my friends, on the top right is a painting of my bike a dear friend of mine made me for Christmas. On the bottom, a canvas I painted with chalkboard paint. It's perfect that way so that I can change the art anytime I want. On the right is a clipboard I covered in craft paper. Its a simple way to display pictures, notes, etc. On the other side I hung rope-ish string (don't know how to describe it!) and hung pictures from it. Honestly, I hung the pictures up with bobby pins! 

Above my dresser is this lovely chalkboard. I painted a square directly onto the wall with chalkboard paint, then framed the area. Again, I can change the message anytime, or have friends write on it! On the wall next to my bed, I just hung up my new Beach Boys records. Yes, I really like that band. Also, records a perfect for decoration when you don't actually own a record player. 


And finally, the chair in the corner with the cute polka dot pillow. I think stole that from my sister a while ago... but hey, the chair needed it! My camera hangs on the side of it cause I don't have anywhere else to put it, and usually my Bible and a few books sit on the chair. But not me.. :) And here I am just hanging in my room! Wow, so many pictures! I hope my room gives you inspiration and ideas. I just love it a lot. I think it is important to have a space all to your own that reflects who you are. Mine definitely does!                                    
                                                                  love love love, Aleah

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