Thursday, March 7, 2013


Life is beautiful and unexpected and surprising and so cool. I am a senior in high school, except my last day is tomorrow. I have thought a lot about my time in school, and honestly I wasn't much of a school type of person so I don't think I have lots of memories to look back on that really revolve around school exactly. But I do have a lot of memories of the people I shared this time in my life with. This year I have experienced the inevitable losing friends, growing up, moving on, etc. I have had a great group of girls in my life for a few years, but after this past summer they are just faces I pass by in the hallway. I am sad that our conversations now don't go beyond a hello. But I also can smile knowing that I did have a wonderful time enjoying their friendships while I had them in my life. And tonight I realized that   people are so cool and I learned not to rule people out, or stick to a certain group of friends just because it is safe. I decided that everyone is worth talking to, and how wonderful it is to meet new people and learn about their lives. I feel like, even if I might never talk to them again, having even one conversation with someone is so worth it. I have decided tonight that that is what I want to do. I want to meet people and I want to learn about them and I just want to love people! Really. You see, tonight I met a friend at Starbucks to study for a final (last high school test ever. Holla). When I got there, she was sitting with another girl in our class because she just so happened to be there studying as well. I have known her throughout high school and talked to her here and there. We all studied for a while (about 45 minutes). Three hours and two coffees later I left Starbucks feeling so inspired. We ended up talking for so long, a lot about life and how we all wanted to travel, especially to Europe. I'm so in love with traveling to new places. There is a such a simple beauty in having a small, "hello/how are you?" conversation with a stranger, and exploring new cities just to see what they are like is so fun. I have a million thoughts running around my head of places I want to go: Italy, Germany, Tennessee, New York City, California, and the biggest one of all, AUSTRALIA! In fact, I totally wanna marry an Australian boy now. :) I also have thought about all the possibilities of what I could do with my life: the obvious one is broadcast journalism, being on tv and talking to people (sounds so fun), or opening a bakery, or being a photographer, and of course I really wanna get married someday and have a small family. I get so excited thinking about all of this. It seems almost magical. I believe life should be spent exploring and learning, but not school kind of learning. More like, go see the world and learn from it. So, that's basically the though explosion that happened after our conversation tonight. I also thought about how cool it is that I had a three hour conversation and about the coolest things with a girl I don't really know that well. I mean, your best friend could be a stranger on the street. You only need to take the time to talk with someone and you never know what could happen. Saying hi to random people is really not that hard! One more thing ( I promise). As I was saying, life is unexpected and the plans you make for yourself don't always happen exactly as you think/hope  they might. I am increasingly more okay with that. It's a lesson I have learned recently and I treasure it. I think as long as I put God first and trust in Him, life with turn out perfect (because it will be His will). And I thought about the fact that I was "so in love" with this one boy I know who I am friends with. And how I've spent a lot of time wishing that we could like, ya know, fall in love and that he was the one and stuff. Now, though, I am so okay with the fact that that probably won't happen. Because the man I do fall in love with is going to be amazing and all mine. I don't have to search or seek him out. I don't have to sit around waiting for him, or looking for him in every cute guy I see around. I will put my hope completely in the Lord and he will provide. And I promise, ten years from now if I look back and read this blog post, I will be able to say that I did travel and see the world and that I was/am an adventurer. Whew. Okay, it feels good to get that out. What am I supposed to do now, I have so much coffee in my there is no way that I am sleeping!!    
                    Love, Aleah Eileen

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