Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi everyone :) Today is Saturday, and I am afraid the cold winter weather has returned. Darn. However, the past few days have been warm and beautiful, and they have got me SO ready for summer! Speaking of the past few days, here's what I have been doing..


My wonderful friend Heather and I baked delicious funfetti cookies for our friends. They are just way too cute with the purple frosting and sugar pearls we decorated them with. Yummmy! We delivered them to a few friends of ours and everyone loved getting a sweet surprise. Yay! Also, we got a chance to wear our cute baking aprons (hers is from Anthropology and absolutely adorable.)


Wednesday was best friends day. After Falecia (bff) finished up recording a song from the album she is making (yay!), we headed out to a pretty park here in Wichita to take pictures for my outfit post I made earlier this week. Afterwards, Bella Luna was calling our name so we stopped by for a yummy dinner. So fun.

Paramore  released a new song a few days ago and I really really like it! You should check it out. It's called "Still Into You." Paramore's new album comes out April 9th, less than one month away! I'm so  excited.

I'm dreaming about California. I get to go there April 17th and I couldn't be more excited. I'm mostly excited to wear cute outfits and take pictures of them. Is that bad? And find cool new coffee shops!

Black and White Friday Night

Friday I stopped by Starbucks for an iced coffee before work. My friend was working the drive thru and gave me my drink for free. That totally made my day! I'm looking forward to today and the rest of this weekend hanging with friends and family. I work a lot over spring break so I'm gonna enjoy these days off! Thanks for reading :)  

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