Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It Feels Like a Perfect Night..

Hi! Okay yes I quoted Taylor Swift for the title. I just thought it fit! Yesterday was Monday which was the start of Spring Break 2013! So many people I know are off on fun vacations and such.. and I'm not. But I am so not complaining, I'm having fun hanging at home! Yesterday I worked all day, then came home and enjoyed a nice run at the gym. Then I kinda ruined that.. My friend Sarah, pictured below with the fierce red hair, and I met up for coffee at Starbucks. It is always fun going there later at night cause it is so chill inside. After coffee we decided to bake and monster cookies sounded delicious! 

The recipe we found made sooooo much cookie dough! I'm talking, we made about 30 cookies and I still have over half the dough left in the freezer. CRAZY. But they taste so delicious. It was so fun hanging with Sarah last night. She is kinda a new friend of mine, but I love her and she is just great. We talked and baked and had lots of fun. So last night was a great start to spring break. Today I get to go in to work four hours later than I thought, which is always nice. I have been spending the day mostly doing nothing and I just might go take a nap! Yay. So thankful for this week.. I'm hoping the weather will stay nice and beautiful. Tonight all my girl friends are hanging out which will be so fun! Later in the week will involve backyard hangouts, I'm sure. Maybe some longboarding, Who knows?! 
                                                                      Love, Aleah Eileen 

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