Wednesday, March 6, 2013

hello March!

We are six days into March 2013! I am increasingly excited for it to be spring. Warmer weather and sunshine sounds like a beautiful dream right now. Hopefully it will be here sooner rather than later. I am excited to start a new month, and I have thought up a small list of goals I would like to accomplish throughout the month: 

-Bake once a week  (This is more of a "don't bake more than once a week" more than it is a "try to be at least once a week"... I'm addicted)

-Film camera adventure (I bought a 1970s film camera about a month ago. When the weather warms up I want to take it to pretty places and shoot away!)

-Random acts of kindness (We talked about generosity and stuff at small group last week and it has really got me is so easy to do little things to bless someone else's day. I am going to try to have a kindness mindset the whole month!)

-Ride my bike a lot (This depends on the weather of course. I haven't rode my bike in forever it feels like, so I want to take it for a spin a few times!)

-Write something (I'm not sure what, exactly. But I want to write something, by way of paper and pencil. 

-Yoga twice a week (I found a yoga studio close by and I am taking classes twice a week. Feelin great!) 

That's all for now! Here are some pictures from my life lately. 

Breakfast is a beautiful thing. 
One of my best friends, Anissa :)

Just really excited for it to be warm so I can longboard! 
Pretty flowers are inspiring! 

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