Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Night

Hi :) Happy Friday everyone. I'm grounded by the way. Yes, I am eighteen years old and perfectly responsible. And yet... Anyways, it hasn't been all that bad. Knowing all my friends are downtown tonight, probably enjoying the most beautiful weather we have had all year. NOT FUN. However, I used my free time tonight to go workout. I ran twenty minutes straight on the treadmill, then walked for twenty minutes. I feel great! During my workout, the KU vs. Michigan basketball game was on, so that definitley kept me entertained. The sunset was beautiful on the way home, and now I am blogging/finishing up the game. Currently, the teams are tied, 76-76. I am freaking out:

I am a KU fan cause thats my future school! (Only five months till I'm a freshman in college!). Back to the game, oh man this is really good basketball. 

Another exciting thing about today, I bought new socks with bicycles on them! Yay for bikes. 

This happened yesterday morning. All of God's glory. So pretty!!!!

And lately... I just ordered my senior pictures, graduation party invites, bedspread for my dorm room, and hair clips for prom. Crazy. Prom is three weeks away and I couldn't be more excited. I will for sure post some photos. And of course, I am dreaming about my mini vacation to California, which is also three weeks away. Okay, that is all for tonight. Maybe I'll go watch a movie... or some reality tv. Idk, what is this whole grounding thing?!           Love,  
                                                              Aleah Eileen

*PS- check out . I was featured on "Fashion Friday." YAY! 

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