Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

This past weekend has been super fun! A snow storm arrived in Kansas on Wednesday, blessing me with two snow days. I wasn't actually a huge fan of the snow, however. But me and my best friend at least made an attempt to go outside.  Here we are all bundled up!

Being stuck inside wasn't all that fun and I was really happy when the weekend arrived. I began Friday with coffee and God's word. I love these quiet times in the morning :)



Friday I made delicious cookies full of pretzels, m&ms, and peanut butter. So good! I brought them to a my friends birthday party and had tons of fun hanging out with all my good friends. I love them. I went to dinner with some girls Saturday night. It was a fancy dress wearing occasion.  We laughed a lot and ate good food. Then, another friends birthday! I fell asleep watching the Hills last night. NOT ASHAMED! 

My friend Amanda!! We met up for church downtown this morning and stopped off at Mead's Corner (best coffee shop ever) afterwards. Great conversation... and cinnamon scones for lunch! Now, I am relaxing in my room, thinking about a nap.. Supposed to be more snow coming tonight and I couldn't be less excited. Sorry about it. However, I really did quite enjoy this past weekend and I am looking forward to a great week. Tomorrow I will be making an outfit post to show off my cute outfit I wore today. Didn't want to share too many photos all at once. Have a great night :)

Aleah Eileen 

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