Saturday, February 16, 2013

Single Ladiezz

This is my Valentines Day post, a few days late. I love this day mostly because it is an excuse to be really cute and crafty. I celebrated the day with a lot of awesome girls by having a singles party. It rocked. Basically, we ate lots of food and watched the movie Valentines Day, which is super good. And YES, I love Taylor Swift in it. And her song Today Was a Fairytale? SO GOOD! Cool. Okay, here are some pics of the coolest party of the year. : )

First off, my Valentines Day outfit. Tights and knee-high socks are really fun, especially when the socks are striped. 

Okay, cutest thing ever. Mason jars make everything better. The drink was a Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. I used a cupcake liner for the lid and poked a straw through!

Singles Party 2013. Enough said. 

Everyone received these as they left! 

Food was the best part of the party. 

And finally, heart garland decorated the walls. Yay! 

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