Saturday, January 12, 2013

Adventures of Eighteen

Yesterday was such an adventure. You see, I only have one block of a school each day. It's so fun because I get to wake up around 7:30, make breakfast and coffee, and read my bible. Then take a shower head off to school. I get out at 10:30 and the whole day is ahead of me. Yay. The biggest goal of mine, since I have all this extra time, is to not be lazy. So I have picked up a new book, The Fault in Our Stars, to read throughout the week. That lasted about one day, since the book was amazing and I could not put it down for anything, not even the most important football game of the year. I am also trying to work out every day, write a scholarship essay, and of course baking always fills my time. Yesterday, though, was Friday, which meant a trip downtown was in order. My best friend and I stopped off at the best coffee shop ever, Mead's Corner, and talked and took fun pictures. Next we explored an antique shop and a super cute house-turned-into-a-bookstore. Then I did a CRAZY thing. I  wanted to be spontaneous. Nothing is more fun than doing something exciting and last minute. So basically, I got a tattoo of a bike on my arm. ????!!!!???. Yeah, it is really cute and I feel all hardcore having it there. Only one problem... my parents do not know. Oops. 

"soon it will all be over, soon it will all be over." -Eighteen by Robert Francis

Told ya I liked bikes!
Best Friends yo

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