Tuesday, January 8, 2013


(The title of this post is 2013. Now, let me begin by talking about the end of 2012...Haha)

December brought many exciting and wonderful days with it. Most memorable, perhaps, was the 9th. I turned 18 that day. Birthdays are my favorite. They are so exciting  and fun because everyone talks to you and says happy birthday. When people who mean a lot to you remember that it is your birthday, you feel really special. I didn't do anything exactly celebratory. Unless you count birthday lunch with family. Also, a Starbucks date with some good friends, which was totally fun and who doesn't love coffee? Oh, how could I forget?! I got a longboard!!!! They are like skateboards, just way cooler. I have already rode it so much and it's just awesome. Yay birthdays. So then Christmas was magical and fun and filled with family. And Jesus's birthday which we should be forever grateful for. New Years was great, mostly cause I wore a fancy/sparkly dress. And I love getting dressed up, trust me. I went to a party with all my friends and everyone I love. However, I realized just how introverted I am that night. I changed into pjs by 10:00. But hey, they were really comfy. Also, I wished the whole time that I was in New York City among thousands of strangers and bright city lights, counting down the seconds to the new year. (That's my dream, btw. Christmas+New Years in NYC, at least once.) However, I was not. Now, its 2013. I have this feeling that this year will be the best ever. I'm serious. I'm not being cliche, I promise. I get to NOT be in high school, which is a huge plus. I get to focus on different things than school, which I'm excited about. Mostly photography. I ordered a vintage 1970s film camera the other day! The gem is makings its way across the ocean right now. I cannot wait until it lands on my doorstep, ready to be taken on so many adventures. YAY. I want to really learn photography this year. Its kinda my new years resolution, I suppose. Only, there's one problem... I kinda can't find my charger to my camera. So, it's dead. Yeah... Anyways, here's some pictures:

Blue hot chocolate?!

Before Christmas Eve Eve church service

KU Basketball. Rock Chalk!!

Seeya in August Lawrence, Kansas.

Best friends. Single ladies. Love them.

I'm serious. Longboards are really really awesome.

The whole entire year of 2013 is ahead of me and it will be wonderful. 

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