Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello There :) I'm Aleah and I'm seventeen years old. I love the age of seventeen. For me it has been wonderfully exciting, at times confusing, special, and just plain awesome. A lot of things have happened for me this year. Early in the year I was in the process of moving states, from Kansas to Texas... and back. A new school, then back to my old school where I was warmly welcomed, making my life a lot easier. Summer was amazing. It brought to me new friends and a lot of adventures, including my first time ever riding a roller coaster. Now the weather has cooled off and pumpkin spice lattes are back. Which means fall. My favorites time of the year for so very many different reasons. I have recently made the hardest decision of my life- where to go to college. I made several pro/con lists that didn't seem to help. In the end, I (finally!) reached a decision. I went with the school that I felt I most belonged at, where it just felt right. I choose the University of Kansas, where I will be attending next fall! I prayed a lot for peace over the decision, seeing as how I was still a little unsure. Now I'm really discovering my passion for journalism working on the school's newspaper. I also really enjoy photography, and that is something I hope to pursue very soon. Also, I'm leading a bible study, baking a whole lot...cause I'm just really obsessed with that, and being a senior in high school. Woah. Thanks for reading. You're very nice. Oh, and I forgot to mention why my blog is titled "Bike Rides and Other Lovely Things." Well you see, I love bikes and bike rides. A whole lot. At times they are peaceful, other times bike rides offer adventure. Plus, bikes are really cute, especially when they are pink with white fenders and feature a pink basket. The "other lovely things" part is comes from the fact that I think a whole lot of things are lovely. Life is. Love is. Baking, coffee drinking, family, starry nights, downtown, adventures. Everything pretty much. So that is what this blog will be about! Yay. 

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